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Study the generic structure below.


Business Profession

General Statement Have you ever seen how some people run a business office? There are some professions that have very important roles in business activities. These professions have provisional links between one to another in organizing the personal business to get success. The professions discussed here are banker, accountant, and secretary.
Sequence explanation
  • A banker is one who conducts a banking business dealing with receipt and transmission of money. He can be the member of the board of directors to operate the bank. Some department the loan department, the personnel department, the deposit department and  the central department maybe organized by bankers give credits to business offices, firms, factory, to run their business through the loan department.
  • An account is an officer in public office who has change of the account, and he is one who makes the helping or examination of accounts. He is also an expert who has responsibility in arranging, guiding, inspecting the book keeping of the business, and the firm administration. He plays an important role to make the firm remain in good finance condition.
  • A secretary is some one who keeps, record, handles correspondence, or does the administration for organization or person. The assistant or private secretary of an executive always deals with the business letter writing of that person. The secretary  is, therefore, concerned with any business that the firm undertakes. The secretary must be qualified and able to speak English fluently. There are certain types of letters that are particularly in the responsibility of the secretaries such as making appointment, receiving orders, making reservation for the manager, sending letters of congratulations on condolence, making invitations and the replies, etc. She also makes some programes for the manager. An office usually has more then one secretary who are always busy doing their duties.
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